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Fisher Hydraulics is a manufacturer of custom-engineered hydraulic cylinders for many industries. Some industries served are construction, forestry, agriculture, industrial, and turf.



As equipment size and system pressures increase, more robust designs are required in agriculture all of the time. Design challenges also include the dirty environments and the various chemicals the cylinders are exposed to in the field.

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The forestry and logging industry is one of the toughest applications for hydraulic cylinders. The physical environment of heat, dirt, rocks, trees, and dust is very abusive to cylinders. The loading requirements in this industry can also be a challenge for the cylinder.

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Our aluminum and stainless-steel hydraulic cylinders have become very attractive to the nautical industry.

Our lightweight, corrosion resistant cylinders are used in applications ranging from personal watercraft boat lifts to 10,000 lb. davits on marine cruise ships.

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Waste Management

Fisher designs and manufactures custom hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of waste and recycling equipment applications. Fisher cylinders can be found on refuse trucks, re-cyclers, compactors, balers, and scrap handlers in metal scrap yards. Our cylinders are designed and built tough to stand up to these demanding applications.

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Construction equipment is a demanding application with extremes of pressure, temperature, shock, vibration, and contamination.

Our progressive engineering team, along with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, allows us to produce very durable, high-quality hydraulic cylinders that exceed the requirements of this industry.


Fisher cylinders are used in construction equipment such as cranes, loaders, and diggers; material handling equipment such as forklifts; utility trucks and trailers; road pavement and maintenance equipment; and turf care vehicles.


Fisher has unsurpassed experience designing and building custom hydraulic cylinders for every application in the mobile crane industry. Our knowledgeable experts at design calculations, material, and component selection give safety factors the foremost consideration and ensure that our customers will never be plagued with issues such as thermal drifting, pressure growth, or rod buckling. We back our products with the industry's best customer and technical support, including service instruction, product bulletins, and troubleshooting information.

Aerial Work


Fisher manufactures reliable, low-cost hydraulic cylinders that can meet or exceed the high standards required.

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Concrete Trucks

Concrete pumps and paving applications create some of the most challenging environments for hydraulic cylinders. The combination of actuation velocity, extreme shock, and the paramount need for job site reliability make these applications especially challenging. Fisher has consistently met these challenges and will continue to service these applications with quality products.

Concrete Trucks

Turf Care

Our ability to manufacture a high-quality cylinder designed to meet the turf equipment industry's temperature ranges and high-vibration requirements at a competitive cost has allowed us to be the leader in this industry. Our products consistently allow our customers to reduce maintenance costs in this demanding environment.

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Garbage Trucks

Fisher designs and manufactures custom hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of waste and recycling equipment. At Fisher, our attention to design detail and quality assurance translate into cylinders that meet, and exceed the expectations of OEMs.



Utility Trucks

Fisher manufactures over 150,000 hydraulic cylinders annually for dump bodies, lift gates, utility cranes, and utility trucks.

We have custom-designed thousands of rams, single-acting, double-acting, and telescopic hydraulic cylinders to meet the requirements of these applications.



These products require cylinders that meet the highest quality standards in the hydraulic cylinder industry. Our experience, engineering expertise and quality systems allow us to manufacture hydraulic cylinders that meet the life cycle and safety requirements of these applications.


We are ITAR and ISO 9001: 2015 compliant. Please contact us for more information.